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From Caplan To Belsize

by Muncie Girls

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    From Caplan To Belsize -
    Debut full length, 10 tracks of melancholic indie punk. Addressing issues of modern living as a self-aware young adult, touching on everything from politics to interpersonal relationships.

    Recorded with Lewis Johns at The Ranch in Southampton earlier in 2015, 'From Caplan to Belsize' is the album that Muncie Girls have been hinting at for years.

    Kerrang! - KKKKK "A 10 song thriller; a collection of songs hookier than a pirate held face-down in a lathe'

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All the things you didn’t learn in school, and why it feels like no one knows the truth. The systems we rely on aren’t for you, they’re for the lucky fucking few. If you can avoid it, don’t go to work. Try and make your own little mark on this earth. Don’t let them belittle your sense of worth, there’s nothing you can’t learn. There’re so many of us and there’re so few of them. We’re all thinking the same thing, it’s just a matter of when. All my life I’ve felt let down, and that’s perhaps why we feel safer underground. We’re become so quick to hesitate but we knew that the plan was to create. We’re wishing that this feeling will resonate and we won’t think it’s too late.
I’ve thought of cutting my hair and moving away but I always change my mind the very next day. I’ve thought of packing it in, jumping out the window. Gone with the wind. I wonder where I’d go. I’m gonna change up my room, and move my bed. Rather than posters I’ll have nothing instead. I’m gonna throw stuff away, but keep my guitars. Then maybe I won’t have to wonder where you are. You can find me under the table, I’m not coming out. I’ve had too many beers and I’ve got nothing to be happy about.
Respect 03:10
You weren’t taught it, respect, or a sense of value of your equivalents. And it has a knock on effect: misogyny and tolerated violence. I could turn a blind eye, take the cruel with the kind. You won’t listen anyway, but I’ve always been taught that you have to spare a thought and if you’ve got something you wanna say… For the next few years you can laugh and joke about your next victim, but when you’re all grown up and your daughter cries you’ll be sorry you did this. …and it’s started again - another girl has lost her energy. It’s so easy to pretend that this doesn’t happen in our society.
Balloon 03:23
I was on the other side, trying to sort myself out. You were always getting high, running away from your self-doubt. Did you think that things would be different, or stay the same? Maybe it’ll happen someday. Maybe it’ll happen soon. All the sun will take away the grey, and you’ll float away like a little red balloon. I was on the other side, trying to sort myself out. You were always getting high, running away from your self-doubt. Everyone knows that it’s not your fault. Everyone knows but you.
Social Side 02:35
I’m waking up. I’m energised. When you look up, you’ll see my social side. My loneliness is in remission - the only plan to every come to fruition. They’ve never shut, since I opened my eyes. I think I grew up when i had to compromise. To my sister, you’ve always been there. When I was thirteen I lost all my friends and you bleached half my hair. To my brother, you taught me guitar. You know I’d start a band with you if you didn’t live so far.
Nervous 03:28
It’s a nervous time. But you wouldn’t know because you’ve stayed inside. Would you believe that you can’t hear a sound? The kids aren’t registered in their home towns. It would’ve taken some time but I think they would’ve conceded. You wouldn’t look them in the eye, you just left after you took what you needed. It’s a nervous time. Where do you go if you lose your mind? There’s nearly nothing left that belongs to us. We all know that you’re still fighting for our trust.
Gas Mark 4 03:12
I think the world will find my body at home. “Girl, 21, found dead all alone.” Three days later on my kitchen floor, oven still on gas mark 4. Pick up the phone, I’m calling you know. I couldn’t lie, I wouldn’t know how. That was a lie, I do it all of the time. Everyone says that it’s too fast. Everyone says that it’s too slow. I’ll tell you if I want you to know. Maybe I’ll run all the way home. As soon as I’m done, I think I’ll unfold. And the neighbours, they won’t know what to say. They won’t complain, they’ll all move away. I didn’t think it through, just like everything I ever do. I put my thumb out waiting for a lift before I realised it’s the hardest place to get to.
I’m always having to defend myself. I never quite get the same benefit of the doubt as the straight white boy sitting on the corner, eating a burger, playing with his McDonald’s toy. I don’t wanna talk about it anymore than you do. In fact, I wanna talk about it less when it’s with you. If you can’t get you head around it now, then how is this something I can help you figure out? I wonder why people are more concerned about celeb weight gain than the way our country’s run. Let’s not think about what we say, and throw a tantrum when it doesn’t go our way.
Committee 03:42
Don’t believe that our minds have changed and our basic demands haven’t stayed the same. We still have a debt that we need to repay to the suffragettes who’ve paved our way. I know you like to think that times have changed but we’re not represented in parliament or pay. Our voices are lost in a masquerade and now we have to fight to have our say. But if you’re never here to say, well, a committee doesn’t listen to an absent voice, nor do they sit and wait. There are a million reasons why we need to talk; we can organise and sympathise and gather our thoughts. Some alarms don’t sound in 4/4 time, some problems aren’t within our peripheral lines. I would like to know if you’re still there and if so, can we talk about those plans that we had for tomorrow? Until we try we won’t know.
No Recording 02:31
Is it normal to feel this tired at work? Or wake up crying about the state of the world? On a good day I’ll learn something new, but mostly I just crave the truth. I’ve been brushing up my conflict and facts, trying to learn how to react. Our government’s as bad, they still lie to us all, perpetuating war and we don’t care at all. Everything I read, I can’t get out of my head. I think I’ll bore myself to death thinking I’m so out of my depth. I’ve been dishing out the old complaints: the weather’s shit and I’m always late. I might sty in on a rainy day but I try not to throw my life away. Wake in fear or wake in fright. I wanna go to school but the timing’s not right. They say people my age are full of apathy but me and my friends act productively.


Debut full length out March the 4th 2016 on Specialist Subject Records (UK), Uncle M Music (EU) and Animal Style Records (US).

Order physical copy here - smarturl.it/FromCaplanToBelsize

Hear more on Spotify - open.spotify.com/artist/0ROJnWSWDBDXsKFh0ytRDJ


released March 4, 2016


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Muncie Girls Exeter, UK

Muncie Girls were a punk rock band from Exeter, UK. 2010 - 2023

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