by Muncie Girls



Sleepless, released 19th August 2013 via Specialist Subject and Yo-Yo Records.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by the wonderful James Bragg at Middle Farm, Devon.
All artwork by the brilliant Hayley and Nathan at No Guts No Glory.




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Muncie Girls Exeter, UK

Muncie Girls are a Punk Rock band from Exeter, UK.

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Track Name: Car Crash
I’m not a train wreck waiting to happen, more like a car crash that I’m still stuck in. At night it pushes itself to the front of my mind. What a painstaking way to try and unwind. It doesn’t take a lot to change; it’s just the way that you see it. I couldn’t tell you if you asked me to explain. I need to start thinking through the things that I say.
I’ve been hiding for a year now and still have to hear you voice before I write anything down. I can’t believe how old we’ve got. That’s how cool I’m not.
Track Name: Time We've Bought
It’s been a long time and I’ve wasted the best of it. All the lines I could’ve written, but instead I sit. How easily I pushed you out of my head, turned to the things that matter instead. All those times we shared; it wasn’t you, it was them. I’ll have a single measure and a lengthy talk about the changing weather or how much time we’ve bought.
Don’t waste another day; it’ll cut you open anyway. You’re not looking your best and your clothes are pretty frayed, but at least your debts are finally repaid.
Track Name: Music Forever
I feel sick from the butcher’s smell and the thought of not doing well. I feel scared by how much I dwell on the possibility of my ill health. ‘Because girls get their hearts broken and make mixtapes about it, too’*.
All those records I love that send me a shiver; ‘the royal, the throne, the cry me a river’**. The absence, the grief, the unfamiliarity, the dirt on your knees, the “Woah, take it easy”.

*Words taken from ‘Record Collecting for Girls’ by Courtney E. Smith
**Words taken from ‘Pissing in a River’ by Patti Smith
Track Name: Sleepless
I only know that the sun rose today ‘cause I saw it on my way home. I only know what pain feels like ‘cause I don’t look after myself when I’m alone. I think you acted badly but so did I.
There’s a weight off my mind; the thought of someday not struggling to get by. I know that there will come a time when I don’t feel so tired.
You know I wrote enough songs and threw half away. You know I wrote everything down; it’s the way I cope when I feel alone.
There’s a weight coming off my mind, it’s something new I’ve been trying. When the weight comes off my mind, I’m never gonna feel this tired.

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